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edupup developed 8 games, played 121 times.

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  • Clock Bones game Clock Bones
  • Boat Coordinates game Boat Coordinates Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Race to the finish line before the time gauge runs out. Move the boat to a location by entering its coordinates and clicking the Move button. Change X...
  • Factor Bones game Factor Bones
  • Short The Bones game Short The Bones The smart dog must take the numbered bones one by one and bring them up to the black spots in order (from left to right) from least to greatest.
  • Missile Defense - Rounding game Missile Defense - Rounding Click to shoot missiles at the incoming numbered meteors that round to the level’s target number along with any red meteors.
  • Missile Defense - EvenOdd game Missile Defense - EvenOdd Click to shoot missiles at the incoming numbered meteors based on if they are even or odd. Each level will request you to shoot only the even or odd n...
  • MathPup Time Miner game MathPup Time Miner MathPup want to know what time it is. Help him to mine the analog clock that matches the time on the digital clock that be target.
  • Missile Defense - Prime game Missile Defense - Prime Click to shoot missiles at the incoming prime numbered meteors and any red meteors.

Tags: math 390, numbers 279, dog 327, mathnook 8, missile 111, boat 126, meteor 29, miner 35, feeding 71, clock 47