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9lucky developed 10 games, played 376 times.

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  • Brick Block Blast game Brick Block Blast Rated 3/5 based on 4 user ratings A great remake of the original brick breaker introduced by Atari in 1976, brick breaker was a huge hit and we hope that you enjoy our version! Control...
  • Superhero Flight game Superhero Flight Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Help navigate Superman through dangerous skies and watch out for villains trying to crash into you!
  • Fish Swim game Fish Swim Play Fish Swim and try your best at navigating the seas, watch out for other fish and plants that might get in your way. If you enjoy this game and wa...
  • Star Blaster game Star Blaster Use your cannon to shoot down stars, if you collect enough stars you can use them towards upgrading your cannon.
  • Search The Maze game Search The Maze
  • Halloween Ghost Blast game Halloween Ghost Blast It's Halloween and your goal is to keep your fortress safe from ghosts. Use your cool cannon to blast them away and get rid of them for good, play thr...
  • Balloon Shooter game Balloon Shooter Shoot down all the balloons with your cannon, try to do it as fast as you can so that they don't escape, good luck!
  • Bird Migration game Bird Migration See how far you can fly navigate through different obstacles such as trees, clouds and other birds taking the same journey. Once you've reached your m...
  • Little Bullets 2 game Little Bullets 2 A little small bullet hell shoot'em up for testing your reflexes. Fly and shoot as many enemy as you can!
  • Pang in Space game Pang in Space Move around and use your laser to break the boulders that are tumbling into your ship, make sure not to get hit by any of them.

Tags: math 390, cannon 244, treasure 234, maze 426, fly 263, fishing 117, rhythm 247, balloon 230, angry 154, blast 149