VisITz games

VisITz developed 6 games, played 192 times.

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  • 40 Days game 40 Days Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings You only have 40 days to survive... Heavily Inspired by the game: "Gods will be watching" You are a unknown survivor and your task is too survive the...
  • Truck Run game Truck Run Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Truck Run! You are a truck that helps few Jews during the WW2. The Nazis have found you and you need to dodge the Bombs from the planes!
  • Gamer Life Gamer Life Welcome to Gamer Life! In this game. You are a Gamer and you will be training yourself to be a better Gamer and Enter Competitions! Get fans and a Spo...
  • Bit Rush game Bit Rush Bit Rush! A Classic Run&Jump Game made by 1W Games! Everytime you play, You will support us! Have fun!
  • Dungeon Legends game Dungeon Legends Walk through the Dungeons that the legends told. Kill Monsters that is in your path! This game is kind of an Old school First Person Dungeon Crawler....
  • 8-bit Customize game 8-bit Customize Change your 8-bit Characters Clothes, Hair Style and more! Enjoy!

Tags: truck 450, tank 271, rpg 336, english 217, demo 35, life 175, dungeon 92, original 53, unity 6, serious 7