amin53 games

amin53 developed 7 games, played 55 times.

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  • infinity speed game infinity speed Your car is extremely fast. Record the maximum speed that you can drive., Without the crash!
  • ball callector game ball callector Collect fired balls in 3d can lose 10 balls. Note that the firing rate will increase over time.
  • bug hunting game bug hunting Use the arrow keys to move the frog in the direction you want to go and collect the required amount of bugs to complete each pond.
  • snowboard game snowboard Use the mouse to steer the boarder.Collect the flags for points.Hitting trees with hurt the dood.Collect the med-paks for more health.
  • microorganism game microorganism Your an Ameoba! Move using the arrow keys to collect all the glucose cells to keep yourself alive. Touching the viruses will drain your energy. Run ou...
  • Driver game Driver Play Driver flash game. Driver is a Skill game to control the car.
  • Desert racing 2 game Desert racing 2 Desert Racing is a 2D racing game for one player with a nice track. You have to finish the race among the first competitors in order to go to the next...

Tags: desert 110, fire 413, snowboard 26, infinity 7, hunting 71, driver 104, collector 43, bug 147