Smrdis games

Smrdis developed 6 games, played 42 times.

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  • Gibbets 3 game Gibbets 3 Gibbets is back! Load up your trusty bow and shoot some rope to save people from being hanged! Now includes a custom level editor.
  • Collapse It game Collapse It What could possibly go wrong while standing around unstable buildings during a live demolition? Lots of death, that’s what. Carefully demolish e...
  • Collapse It 2 game Collapse It 2 Detonate explosives on each medieval structure with the goal of eliminating all the humans whilst not harming any zombies!
  • Gibbets 2 level pack game Gibbets 2 level pack Shoot the ropes to save the innocent people being hanged in a brand new set of Gibbets levels. Hurry though, and be careful not to miss!
  • Gibbets 2 game Gibbets 2 Save the innocent people being hung by shooting the nooses with your bow and arrow. Be careful not to miss!
  • Gibbets game Gibbets Use your bow and arrow to save the people being hanged! Shoot the ropes to set them free, but be careful not to accidentally shoot the people instead!...

Tags: gibbets 4, collapse 86, sequel 43, gallows 3, hangman 38, pack 122