e-norm games

e-norm developed 8 games, played 129 times.

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  • REC game REC Destroy the most enemies with minimal ammo
  • Space invader classic game Space invader classic Destroy all invader spaceships by shooting at them
  • Small Ninja game Small Ninja Help the young ninja, he's has to go out of the dojo of are master
  • Santas Quest game Santas Quest Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Help Santa to find the presents
  • Skiing game Skiing Try to pass between as many pairs of flags as possible within the time limit . flags gives + 2 seconds Avoid trees. Come down as far as possible.
  • Factory job game Factory job Clean the plant. Avoid touching the white frame and the other employees.
  • Poivrot Jo game Poivrot Jo Poivrot jo is a canabalt like, use left clic to jump, and Get the wine bottles
  • Tankball game Tankball A game of ball, or the bouncing is required to win.

Tags: ninja 264, tank 269, plane 247, snow 333, ship 317, attack 290, present 92, small 81, ski 58, young 63