suntemple33 games

suntemple33 developed 6 games, played 101 times.

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  • Pike Fish Patrol game Pike Fish Patrol Pike Fish Patrol helps bunny gentlemen escape hungry wolf and reach safety. Pike Fish Patrol is a funny game for kids and whole family.
  • Duckmageddon game Duckmageddon Enjoy yourself on a good weather duck hunting spree.
  • Abutu the Hunter game Abutu the Hunter You are a female hunter in Africa. Let's put your gun skills to the test. Shoot down as many birds as you can.
  • Kolobok 2012 game Kolobok 2012 Kolobok's adventures in 21st century forest.
  • Christmas Express game Christmas Express Santa is late! Help Santa deliver his presents on time! Use the trampoline to bounce the presents into Santa's sack.
  • Rainbow Cakes game Rainbow Cakes Catch and balance the falling cakes on the girl's tray, and feed them to the hungry mouths without dropping them! This challenging skill game with cut...

Tags: hunting 226, present 93, pike 11, shooter 488, forest 294, family 211, rainbow 121, bird 453, delivery 64, water 339