jalheart games

jalheart developed 6 games, played 74 times.

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  • AirMath - Addition challenge game AirMath - Addition challenge Game about addition. Juego sobre la suma.
  • NumberMatcher game NumberMatcher
  • AirMath game AirMath
  • AirMath - Substraction challenge game AirMath - Substraction challenge Aircraft fun game that helps develop the skills needed to perform subtraction. Entretenido juego de aviones que ayuda a desarrollar las habilidades ne...
  • KMem Animals game KMem Animals This is a classic game that helps improve the memory of the players while having fun. This release contains a variety of cartoon animals: flyers, aqua...
  • MOPA - Movimiento Parabolico game MOPA - Movimiento Parabolico Juego educativo que busca afianzar los conocimientos sobre el movimiento parab√≥lico. Educational game that tries to enhance the knowledge about the pa...

Tags: math 390, bejeweled 116, subtraction 41, numbers 279, air 174, addition 62, suma 2, multiplication 52, es 9, resta 2