Pecher games

Pecher developed 8 games, played 35 times.

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  • PaintWorld 2 game PaintWorld 2 Monsters came and torn PaintWorld apart. Launch paint-guys to connect them all in spite of big monsters.
  • Love to Jump 2 game Love to Jump 2 Complete your career of the Jumper. Enhanced control, cool graffiti style and powerful bonus-effects! Love to jump!
  • Beach Reversi aka Othello game Beach Reversi aka Othello The popular game of reversi, also knows as othello, with beach views and sea sound. - relaxing comfortable gameplay - advanced machine intelligence at...
  • PaintWorld game PaintWorld Physics game with liquid characters. Unique concept and super-addictive gameplay.
  • Love to jump game Love to jump Put your acrobatic trampoline skills to the test! Play as one of four different acrobats and learn up to twelve different aerial tricks to impress the...
  • Hey Zet game Hey Zet Navigate the symbolic flying ship at the radiolocator screen. You should avoid enemy airplanes and not cross radiolocation zone. * 5 levels * 3 speeds...
  • Paul the Octopus game Paul the Octopus World-known octopus Paul makes the bids. Try to guess, which soccer team wins!
  • Build Destroy Live game Build Destroy Live Build your tower & Destroy your opponent. Challenge your friends live!

Tags: magic 443, build 125, simulation 186, relax 105, painting 153, octopus 37, rock 195, ai 31, paint 77, aviation 11