nvblueboy games

nvblueboy developed 8 games, played 61 times.

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  • Stick Figure Battle game Stick Figure Battle The teacher's pet is trying to ruin your drawing. It's your job to protect your... art.
  • Hot Arrow Keys game Hot Arrow Keys Press the arrow keys as fast as you can to see if you're faster than the rest of the world.
  • Army Attack game Army Attack Use an airplane and machine gun to defeat the enemy.
  • Army Attack 2 game Army Attack 2 Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Fight for control from the skies while being hunted by shooters on the ground, heat seeking missiles, and stalker planes!
  • Pong Against The Machine game Pong Against The Machine 4 player pong where 3 paddles are controlled by the computer. Can you handle the challenge as the computer uses it's abilities, including slowing time...
  • Board Jumper game Board Jumper Move around a grid and reach the end point, only moving in certain ways.
  • 1 Player Pong game 1 Player Pong Want to play pong and can't find a second player? Play 1 player pong!
  • Ball Bounce game Ball Bounce Freeze time to avoid all black balls.

Tags: bomb 341, machine 110, plane 247, army 201, battle 329, arrow 184, bounce 185, key 148, pong 156, grid 77