MBtheI games

MBtheI developed 6 games, played 416 times.

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  • Cabin Escape game Cabin Escape Rated 1/5 based on 3 user ratings You’ve wake up in a cabin completely snowed in, and you have to escape before you die! There are four possible endings (Not ways to escape). (Five if...
  • Escape the Lobby game Escape the Lobby You’re Ned the narcoleptic narcissist and you’re trapped in the lobby of this office building! Can you escape before the cops find you and arrest you?...
  • Fences game Fences Do you like puzzle games? Do you have a free twenty seconds? Try to solve one of the 5×5 levels! Too easy you say? Try a 10×10 or a 20×20! Fences is a...
  • Prismatic Pictures game Prismatic Pictures If you can only see certain parts of an image at one time, can you figure out what the whole image is?
  • Light Up 2 0 game Light Up 2 0 The easiest puzzles will be solved in seconds, the hardest will take even the most experienced solver a few minutes to crack.
  • Pillbug Run game Pillbug Run Solve puzzles and help Rory the pillbug reach his true love.

Tags: snow 365, sudoku 107, cabin 10, random 55, replay 8, trapped 128, fences 2, lobby 2, shikaku 3