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  • Basketball Street game Basketball Street Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Your purpose - stopping to gain as much as possible points a ball in a basket. Collect a combo to gain even more points. And also collect all Achievem...
  • Hungry Grew game Hungry Grew Grew loves candy! Draw the lines to get into the candy to him in the mouth.
  • Slice Geom 2 game Slice Geom 2 Train the eye estimation on geometrical figures. You should cut the figure offered at level on the set quantity of identical parts on the area. Thus t...
  • Package The Monsters Level Pack game Package The Monsters Level Pack 25 new fascinating levels in which you should feed and pack small monsters!

Tags: basketball 138, candy 305, street 211, hungry 99, drawing 204, pack 128, geometry 47, slice 30, package 9, grew 2