bernardmtorres games

bernardmtorres developed 8 games, played 121 times.

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  • Hell Copter game Hell Copter Helicopter goes up, helicopter goes down. If you are not careful, helicopter goes boom
  • Pingpong game Pingpong Play against the unbeatable cyber pong master. Use your curve shots if you want to win!
  • Penguins Counter Attack game Penguins Counter Attack A suicide squad of penguin warriors
  • Voodoom game Voodoom A new challenging remake of Load Runner
  • War On Terror game War On Terror Fight through each city under siege mission is to kill the leader in each terrorist cell.
  • Monkey Mine game Monkey Mine Identify all safe squares and mines to win the game.
  • Swat Action game Swat Action Help save the hostages by taking out the armed gangsters before its too late!
  • Dress Up Snowman game Dress Up Snowman Spread the cheers and joyful season to your social acquaintances.

Tags: minesweeper 23, snowman 77, outfit 215, monkey 215, fly 259, penguin 155, attack 297, counter 31, mine 156, terror 43