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NPGames developed 6 games, played 77 times.

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  • Quatris game Quatris Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings four times bigger than tetris, with a twist. come check out this crazy remix.
  • Castle Archer game Castle Archer Defend the castle with your bow and variety of arrows from bandits or knights.
  • Snake Maze 2 game Snake Maze 2 challenging puzzle game with new elements of gameplay added constantly.
  • tricharge game tricharge charge three orbs and watch them fly, earn rewards for the next round with great scores
  • magnx game magnx connect objects to get smiley to the end
  • Frost Fysics game Frost Fysics Break the Ice to free smiley, and get him to the star. 30 winter themed levels.

Tags: creator 127, castle 296, maze 405, tetris 225, snake 224, arrow 186, editor 49, bow 85, archer 58, map 59