18plus games

18plus developed 7 games, played 67 times.

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  • Piano Collector game Piano Collector Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Relaxing piano notes collection game. 17 classical songs included.
  • World Track Racing game World Track Racing Race on 9 tracks , in 9 countries with 9 cars. Get the best season score .
  • Bloody East game Bloody East Frantic Apache helicopter action .
  • Defend Omaha Beach game Defend Omaha Beach The most fierce battle of WW2 took place on Omaha Beach . In this game you get to play on the German side . Resist seven days and Germany will be prou...
  • Twin Warriors game Twin Warriors classic memory blocks game , a little twisted
  • Can you walk game Can you walk a little ragdoll toy, try not to touch boulders too much or you'll lose time
  • Letter Fix game Letter Fix Every letter seems to have lost 3 dots . How many letters can you fix in 3 minutes ?

Tags: beach 394, letters 160, ancient 127, piano 33, knight 119, rhythm 284, fix 11, dot 66, drift 63, collector 42