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lakunle developed 9 games, played 382 times.

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  • Catch Am game Catch Am Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Catch fireflies with your bare hands before the day break. The more you catch the higher your score
  • Caterpillar game Caterpillar In a mash land where healthy food abound, help the Caterpillar to navigate through sumptuous meal to make it grow! Oops! Avoid heating your tail and o...
  • Dream Walker game Dream Walker Help the Sleep walker from falling off the ledge. Create bridges using your mouse to click on the edges of the stacked containers.
  • Alata game Alata A match 3 puzzle game with a twist. Line up 3 of the same tomatoes or pepper to earn scores in the game
  • Grass Cutter Invasion game Grass Cutter Invasion Get rid of these pesty Grass Cutter trying to devour your corn. Use you pestle to hit them on the head as they pop out of the ground
  • Mayshai game Mayshai ou are a mayshai seller. Satifsfy all your customers before you run out of time. Prepare the meals as requested by your customers
  • Count Your Blessings game Count Your Blessings Collect all the blessings dropped by an angel. Use the mouse to control your character and be careful not to run into demons.
  • Dry Cleaner Pikin game Dry Cleaner Pikin We work peacefully as one One family, one vision, one goal Diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences Yet united washing away the stains and pains of...
  • Atutu Poyoyo game Atutu Poyoyo Do whatever Atutu Poyoyo says. Follow the instructions in the game to get high scores

Tags: egg 230, angel 209, pepper 7, dream 281, hand 69, catching 252, invasion 109, cleaner 8, caterpillar 10, counting 32