ChristianBt games

ChristianBt developed 6 games, played 28 times.

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  • Billy Square game Billy Square Billy needs to be dragged to the goal of each level. The levels are filled with spikes, coins and red force fields. Collect as many coins as possible...
  • Physic Music Pop game Physic Music Pop Pop all the block which falls down to the rythm of the music!
  • Double dimension game Double dimension A neat running game where you must match the color of the ground to keep on running (by pushing the space key). Grab coins for bonus time points, and...
  • Catch the pancakes game Catch the pancakes Choose to play with the mouse or the arrowkeys, and then try to catch every of the falling pancakes!
  • Mighty Bob Knows it all game Mighty Bob Knows it all Ask mighty bob your question and he will do what he can to answer it!
  • Through The Tunnel game Through The Tunnel Avoid all the hazards and see for how long time you can survive!

Tags: coin 206, rainbow 117, travel 84, drag 84, square 155, white 240, double 62, catch 205, black 302, tunnel 27