basketballfan84 games

basketballfan84 developed 6 games, played 179 times.

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  • 3D Flash Ninja game 3D Flash Ninja Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Throw shurikens, leg sweeps, jump slash and more in this 3d ninja fighting flash game.
  • Full Court 3D Basketball game Full Court 3D Basketball Offense: Click on team-mate to pass. Hold the mouse button longer to pass quickly. Click on basket to shoot. Hold the mouse button longer for accuracy...
  • Ultimate Mini-Golf Putting Adventura game Ultimate Mini-Golf Putting Adventura How many hole-in-one putts can you make?!
  • Tank Brigade game Tank Brigade Use machine guns, cannon and rockets guided by your skill to win out against the enemy tank hordes. Upgrade attacks and shields with points from damag...
  • Inaba Ninja Showdown game Inaba Ninja Showdown Defeat your ninja challengers in a deadly tournament of bushido. To live happily ever after as king you must defeat the ninja challengers sent to you...
  • 3D Hoop Jams game 3D Hoop Jams Full 2 team basketball action in 3D Flash! Play a quick game in your browser!

Tags: tank 260, ninja 251, basketball 108, golf 96, battle 313, fight 214, touch 48, putt 18, team 49, duel 31