harack games

harack developed 7 games, played 43 times.

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  • Haunting Pumpkins game Haunting Pumpkins A unique style physics game where you play as a ghost and have to possess pumpkins, avoid bats, trigger objects and use the environment to solve diffe...
  • World Destroyer game World Destroyer Guide your asteroid through foreign asteroid belts to destroy every planet in our solar system!
  • Human Launch game Human Launch A Humorous launch game involving a skinny nerd, and muscular man.
  • Ice Cream Stacker game Ice Cream Stacker Collect the falling icecream scoops to make the perfect ice cream by combining three of the same flavour!
  • PacDash game PacDash Eat as much of the right types of food before the time runs out.
  • Hex-It game Hex-It A unique style match game where you buy hexagons to make as much money as possible!
  • Spear Fisher game Spear Fisher A unique style fishing game where your aim is to spear fish for points.

Tags: octopus 37, shooter 488, spooky 85, stacker 24, fishing 115, pumpkin 234, asteroid 165, muscle 16, hex 26, contest 167