puelo games

puelo developed 8 games, played 27 times.

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  • Orange Motobike Racing game Orange Motobike Racing drive mini car, atv ,motorbike, collect coins, do tricks, and more fun stuff.
  • Back to the Future Train Scene game Back to the Future Train Scene
  • Across Zombieland game Across Zombieland Try to kill as many Zombies as you can with your truck
  • Quad Predator game Quad Predator game score based. we are a square and we are hunting balls, the balls traveling in flock and you will to eat it but care with the bad balls(the black)...
  • Medieval Gunpowder game Medieval Gunpowder Break The Castle game Use the cannon to break the castle through 25 levels and 5 kind of cannons
  • Sheriff game Sheriff In this game you will have to shoot the different objects that appear in the screen. Some of them add points, and others take them aWAy. There‚Äôs a lim...
  • Geo game Geo drag and drop the geometric figure color in to the correct hole
  • Memo game Memo game with 128 cards

Tags: truck 427, scene 64, train 100, coin 201, motorcycle 200, kill 268, back 75, sheriff 13, medieval 100, memo 13