kaolin games

kaolin developed 7 games, played 99 times.

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  • Memory Shell Game Memory Shell Game The old game of "memory" with a twist. Can you keep track of swaps?
  • Hard Choices by Tina Connolly game Hard Choices by Tina Connolly There are struggles inherent in the coming together of two sentient species. Why do we always seem to flub the hard choices? Choose your adventure thr...
  • Coprolalia game Coprolalia A standard "simon" game with a few levels of difficulty and a potty mouth that's sure to get you cursing.
  • Too Cool For School CLI game Too Cool For School CLI Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings A short (very short) CLI-adventure.
  • Hate Hate Hate game Hate Hate Hate A pretty particle avoider (and anti-avoider). :)
  • Dodge Cupid game Dodge Cupid Cupid's tired of his usual Valentine's Day fare. Too easy, he says, for fools to fall in love! He's stuck you in a maze for his own sadistic sport. If...
  • Ice-9 game Ice-9 A simple puzzle game going on the usual formula of connecting same-color dots. Great music, fun, quick play.

Tags: valentine 374, horror 167, maze 391, castle 293, story 173, ice 367, dodge 173, too 14, cupid 50, text 30