LongAnimals games

LongAnimals developed 18 games, played 57 times.

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  • Ski Maniacs game Ski Maniacs Winter is upon us and the CycloManiacs have put away their bikes. But Ski Maniacs are out in force!
  • Roller Rider game Roller Rider Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Roller Rider challenges you to race hundreds of feet above the ground, screaming up and down winding narrow tracks, and blasting past your opponents....
  • Neon Race 2 game Neon Race 2 Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more TURBO!
  • Dusk Drive game Dusk Drive Recapture the thrill of 80s arcades in this retro tribute to OutRun. Race through 10 different evening stages, choosing your own route as you go, to r...
  • Drift Runners 2 game Drift Runners 2 Sequel to the popular DriftRunners, take on 40 challenges over 25 unique tracks, using 8 distinct upgradable vehicles. Faster, Bigger, Better. Drift a...
  • Harry Quantum TV Go Home game Harry Quantum TV Go Home Point and click adventure featuring the amazing detective: Harry Quantum. Finish the adventure, and find all the extras!
  • Space Punk Racer game Space Punk Racer Race across 8 alien worlds in this high speed racer. Fight off other drivers and earn cash to upgrade your hoverbike!
  • Sticky Ninja Missions game Sticky Ninja Missions Sticky Ninja has completed his training and must now pay off his student debts as a Bunty hunter cleaning up the sticky city streets.
  • CycloManiacs game CycloManiacs Flash bike racing. 20 riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns.
  • Coaster Racer game Coaster Racer Exhillarating race with 16 opponents over insane roller coaster tracks.
  • Coast Runners game Coast Runners Take to the seas in wet and wild powerboat races through busy seaports, rocky coves and tropical islands. Enjoy powerboat racing though nine levels, u...
  • Heat Rush USA game Heat Rush USA Race across American in this thrilling driving game, inspired by Out Run.
  • Heat Rush Future game Heat Rush Future Blast through 15 driving levels based in the not-too-distant future. Loads of upgrades, etc.
  • HyperDrive X game HyperDrive X Ultra fast paced Space Race. Fly through the warp gates to reach the end of the race. Pick your path to get the fastest time. 8 unlockable races.
  • Drift Runners game Drift Runners Great skiddy fash driving game. Race round tracks, defeating opponents to unlock further tracks. But that’s just the beginning. This game is abo...
  • Tokyo Guinea Pop game Tokyo Guinea Pop Bubbles, Guinea Pigs, Snakes, and Japanese Pop! The Guinea Pigs return to rescue the animals from Tokyo Zoo, and to defeat the Zoowrangler. Rescue on...
  • Gun Express game Gun Express Deliver a precious cargo in this futuristic motorbike driving and shooting extravaganza.
  • Star Claws game Star Claws Defend Earth from Aliens using CATS (Again!) in this new physics remover game from Jimp and LongAnimals

Tags: runners 4, racer 116, rush 136, drift 55, heat 9, pop 200, ski 44, coast 13, drive 99, missions 9