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Gizmogeek developed 19 games, played 160,380 times.

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  • Bubble Breaker game Bubble Breaker5 Nice cool bubble breaker game. See if you can set a record!
  • TicTacToe game TicTacToe5 The Classic TicTacToe Game with the computer playing equally strong
  • UnBlock game UnBlock5 Brain Game as always. Rev Up your Thinking. Think hard and get the red out!
  • BubbleX game BubbleX A brain game! Looks easy, but your brain will be cooked at the end of it!
  • Memory Sharp game Memory Sharp Brain Game to increase your Memory Power
  • Rabbit Hunt game Rabbit Hunt Get your hunting instincts out! Grab a gun and hunt the rabbits. More the rabbit, more points! Start Shooting!
  • NumberZ game NumberZ A cool Number Puzzle.. Logic Counts..
  • Car Run game Car Run A Fantastic car game, superb controls and amazing moves. Finish 3 laps in fastest time possible
  • Loomba game Loomba Hit the balls, Match the, and go on!
  • SMatch game SMatch A simple swap and match game. More points the better.
  • Snooker game Snooker5 Classic Snooker Game with Brilliant Controls
  • Switch Off game Switch Off The objective of the game is to turn each light on the board out. By clicking a piece on the board you will reverse the state for that piece and every...
  • Pairz game Pairz A Mahjong style game where u have to find the pair tiles as soon as possible
  • Gift Catcher game Gift Catcher Jump, Run, Grab..... do these to collect as much gift as possible!
  • Classic Snakes game Classic Snakes
  • Gravity Ball game Gravity Ball A cool Maize game. Just 2 keys to control. Find the path towards the star within the given time. Take goodies on the way.
  • Dot Dot game Dot Dot A strategic fun game where you can test your brain skills against the comp.
  • Knights Quest game Knights Quest Once upon a time, there was a mighty powerful King who ruled the world wisely and justly. The gods were so pleased that they gifted him with the "Key...
  • Bubble Breaker - Evolution game Bubble Breaker - Evolution Classic Bubble Breaker with a twist. Pop certain number of bubbles and get power-ups. You will figure out as you go.

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