sietjp games

sietjp developed 8 games, played 84 times.

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  • Capsules game Capsules Capsules is a kind of web 2.0 puzzle game. All the levels are designed by the collaborative work of members. Grab all the blue capsules and avoid the...
  • Moonlights game Moonlights Tower building game. Avaialble for your iPhone, iPod, iPad with HD graphics and Game Center.
  • Rolling Turtle game Rolling Turtle Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Guide the little turtle to the goal.
  • The Bilboquet game The Bilboquet Bilboquet, Ring and pin or Kendama. Throw the ball up and impale it on the stick. Try to score as many times as you can in the given 30 seconds.
  • Jump Gear 2 game Jump Gear 2 Draw your track, import track codes or play official tracks. Race against the time, jump over the hills, make flips and backflips.
  • Crazy mammoths game Crazy mammoths A race of frozen mammoths...
  • The Elephant Game The Elephant Game Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can. Swing the ballon with the fan and click the mouse to detach the rope. Score = Distance + Water...
  • Ringmania game Ringmania A new take on the "connect 3" kind of game.

Tags: motorcycle 220, bike 426, rainbow 121, fan 43, penguin 154, moon 141, atari 32, building 217, cloud 93, rolling 96