wesleyd games

wesleyd developed 6 games, played 12 times.

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  • Space invaders game Space invaders Space invaders is like the arcade game as same name
  • Traffic City game Traffic City Traffic city is a car game whose aim is to manage the road traffic. You'll have to change the color of traffic lights to stop or start cars. Try to ea...
  • Machaon score game Machaon score Machaon is a snake like game
  • Starius score game Starius score Shoot em up game
  • Starius game Starius Starius is a shoot em up games. You can upgrade your ship by catching many bonus
  • Machaon game Machaon Machaon is a snake like game. The goal is to eat insects so as to gain points

Tags: police 114, bomb 341, score 495, plane 247, traffic 76, city 324, ship 317, invader 125, em 94, starius 2