etLaRue games

etLaRue developed 10 games, played 52 times.

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  • Ultra Snake game Ultra Snake Like in the classic version of snake, but in this one, you can destroy the blocks!
  • Penguin Pong 2 game Penguin Pong 2 Kind of like the classic game of pong, but in this game, your paddles are ice blocks and the ball is a penguin. Also included are awesome powerups to...
  • Turret Tank game Turret Tank The goal is to beat all seventy-two levels. To beat a level, you have to destroy all the targets with the ammo you are given. When you hit targets, th...
  • Bounce Around 2 game Bounce Around 2 Keep your llama in the air as long as you can, and don't hit the flames!
  • 60 Second Shootout game 60 Second Shootout Launch as many water balloons as you can in this fast paced game!
  • Llama Copter game Llama Copter Fly your llama copter through the tunnel of walls. Don't hit the walls or your copter will explode!
  • Llama Copter 3D game Llama Copter 3D Fly your llama copter deep into the endless world of space. Just like in the first two editions, but in this one, it's 3D!
  • Extreme Ball Dodger game Extreme Ball Dodger The monster is trapped in a warehouse and a barrage of balls are falling out of the sky. Pull him on his sled and don't let him die!
  • Llama Copter 2 game Llama Copter 2 Fly your llama copter through the darkness of outer space and don't hit the walls.
  • Catch-a-Cow game Catch-a-Cow Catch the falling cows, but watch out for anvils! There are four different game modes to play. Save the cows!!!

Tags: tank 278, snake 227, balloon 231, ice 398, penguin 163, catching 256, helicopter 162, blue 302, extreme 138, tunnel 28