spaceplant games

spaceplant developed 13 games, played 27 times.

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  • Uptris game Uptris Like tetris, but pieces fall upwards. Nothing more to it.
  • Swim Fish Swim game Swim Fish Swim Keep the fish alive
  • Mars Mission game Mars Mission Land the mars lander exactly on target
  • Speedy Golf game Speedy Golf Hit the golf ball as far as possible in either 20 seconds or 5 shots.
  • Michael Baun Falder I En Havn game Michael Baun Falder I En Havn Balance Michael Baun so that he doesn't fall into the water.
  • Skydiver game Skydiver The goal is to land as close as possible to the center of the target. If you land too hard you get killed.
  • Pumpkin Supply game Pumpkin Supply Witches are throwing pumpkins. Save the good pumpkins.
  • ZIAG2 - Automated Easiness game ZIAG2 - Automated Easiness Even easier than ZIAG1. Click and hold your mouse button to score points. No time limit. A bonus once in a while that gives faster points, and a punis...
  • Fluffy Nuclear Bubblegum Carnage game Fluffy Nuclear Bubblegum Carnage Catch the gumballs dropping from the sky
  • 15 seconds of game 15 seconds of 15 Seconds Of Game takes just 15 seconds to play. You swing the golf club by moving the mouse and have to hit the ball fast and precise to shoot it as...
  • 12 Seconds game 12 Seconds Swing the golf club with the mouse and shoot the golf ball as far as you can in just 12 seconds.
  • ZIAG1 - The Simplest Game On Earth ZIAG1 - The Simplest Game On Earth How many times can you click your mouse? No time limit, no hurry, no challenge. Just keep clicking until you can't handle it anymore!
  • Mouse Move Mania game Mouse Move Mania See how fast you can move your mouse

Tags: golf 96, fish 453, tetris 205, mars 40, pumpkin 227, endurance 21, fluffy 20, mission 92, earth 108, mania 140