MrcredsAlex games

MrcredsAlex developed 5 games, played 27 times.

  • Anti Breakout game Anti Breakout You're the rectangles and you have to stop the ball from hitting you. If it hits one rectangle, you lose.
  • MrcredsAlex Crosshair game MrcredsAlex Crosshair Shoot the crosshairs
  • Robot game Robot The objective of this game is to click on the TOP (and only the TOP will work) to create a portal which drops a crate. Move your Robot with the mouse...
  • MrcredsAlex Adventure game MrcredsAlex Adventure A game with 10 levels where you have to run away from enemies and go to the exit.
  • MrcredsAlex Pong game MrcredsAlex Pong A remake of Pong.

Tags: mrcredsalex 4, alex 31, pong 162, breakout 98, strange 47, crosshair 4, wierd 3, weird 61, anti 24, robot 325