chesster415 games

chesster415 developed 6 games, played 17 times.

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  • Drop the Ball game Drop the Ball Use rotation to guide the ball to the exit. Walls are semi-solid. Play around with the ball to learn how to get around.
  • Radioactive Butterfly game Radioactive Butterfly Atomic destruction on a minuscule scale. Blast the bugs!
  • Mouse-Eaters game Mouse-Eaters Avoid the Mouse-Eaters to collect keys and get past all five rooms.
  • Doodle Doll 2 game Doodle Doll 2 Draw-Your-Own Dress-Up game. Infinite Customization.
  • Hang-Glider Dude 1 game Hang-Glider Dude 1 Fly your hangglider using the arrow keys. Pop balloons to earn points. Hit the same colors repeatedly for bonus points. Don't hit the bugs.
  • Star Trails 2 game Star Trails 2 Color matching against your better judgement.

Tags: drop 160, collect 367, avoid 360, tile 235, flying 329, key 148, bug 147, doodle 36, cursor 30, door 68