JoeMax games

JoeMax developed 6 games, played 38 times.

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  • Ultranium 2 game Ultranium 2 Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings A classic breakout game, use the paddle to rebound the ball onto the blocks to make them disappear...
  • Hairball game Hairball Hairball is a fun, yet challenging game where you control the ball with gravity working against you.
  • Descent II game Descent II An addictive puzzle game where you rotate your surroundings to get to the end of the level.
  • Click Fest 3 game Click Fest 3 The third game in a hugely fanastical series. Not much to say here but... good luck.
  • Morsel Mania game Morsel Mania Chow Down on the correct foods (magically falling from the sky) to work your way up to a Feeding Frenzy in this highly addictive game!
  • Sunday Jumper 2 game Sunday Jumper 2 The idea is pretty simple: Jump on the boards. To increase your scores-per-jump, you need to jump over the circle in the middle. Flying birds give you...

Tags: frenzy 94, clicking 400, feeding 77, mania 155, breakout 98, descent 3, ultra 23, fest 18, ultranium 2, mouth 14