tfernando games

tfernando developed 8 games, played 42 times.

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  • DayTrader game DayTrader A stock market daytrading simulation based on order flow.
  • Sequence game Sequence A repetition game, where the object is to remember as many digits as possible from a random sequence which the computer will reveal.
  • The Knights Tour game The Knights Tour The knight's tour is a puzzle which dates back to the 9th century, wherin the object is to move a knight to every square on the chessboard exactly onc...
  • Barnstormer game Barnstormer Collect the stars but watch out for geese, the airplane's natural enemy!
  • Square Shooter game Square Shooter A simple fast-paced shooter
  • BattleWire16K game BattleWire16K Originally developed for the 8bitrocket 16kb Atari Inspired Retro-Remake contest, this tank sim features wireframe 3d graphics, two enemy type, fully...
  • Microbe game Microbe A mouse follower with unique scoring and a soundtrack, in microbe you're the paramecium, trying to get food before the amoebas.
  • Minute Dungeon game Minute Dungeon The evil overlord has been destroyed, but before he died he activated his dungeon's self destruct timer. You have one minute to save the crown!

Tags: math 390, tank 271, knight 126, market 24, ancient 133, square 155, airplane 124, dungeon 92, contest 167, dynamic 35