dotemu games

dotemu developed 17 games, played 137 times.

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  • Karate Blazers game Karate Blazers Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings It's a beat'em all like street of rage.
  • Toki game Toki Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Toki is a shoot 'em up platformer arcade game with elements of tongue-in-cheek humour.
  • Krypton Egg 1 2 game Krypton Egg 1 2 Krypton Egg is an ultimate breakout back from the 90's.
  • Boulder Dash R Arcade game Boulder Dash R Arcade Part of the multi-million unit selling, award-winning series of hit games, this is the FIRST EVER free-to-play and official online Boulder Dash® game...
  • Magical Cat Adventure game Magical Cat Adventure In this game you play as a magical cat wandering around a forest, with many powerful weapons. The game features very appealing graphics insipired by S...
  • Best League game Best League Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and your will be playing on Italy's team today! Make sure to beat your opposing team because you do not...
  • Snow Bros game Snow Bros This super fun platform arcade game is a super fun way to pass time! Join the Snow Brothers as they defeat enemies by shooting them with snow and turn...
  • Zool game Zool Zool is a "Ninja Of The "Nth" Dimension" who is forced to land on Earth. In order to gain ninja ranking he has to pass six lands.
  • Hexa - Puzzle game Hexa - Puzzle Hexa is a clone of Sega’s “Columns”, an exciting puzzle game, a bit like Tetris, but different enough.
  • Aero Fighters game Aero Fighters Aera Fighters is a great vertical shooter.
  • Ultra Balloon game Ultra Balloon Save the princess by finishing the 8 stories. Defeat monsters and bosses with your bubbles and your deadly farts!
  • Street Fighter II Champion Edition game Street Fighter II Champion Edition Yes! You read right the classic game Street Fighter is here on Fupa! Begin playing now! Pick one of the 12 unforgettable characters available in this...
  • News - Arcade puzzle game News - Arcade puzzle
  • Diver Boy game Diver Boy Diver boy is cool game where you have to dive into the ocean to retrieve a certain amount of things before the time up.
  • Steel Force game Steel Force Steel force is an amazing retro shoot'em up. Your goal is to find in each level the exit in an alien-infested space station.
  • Blomby Car - arcade rally game Blomby Car - arcade rally Blomby Car is a Racing game in 3D-isometric.
  • Xyonix game Xyonix Xyonix is a puzzle game like tetris.

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