jkari games

jkari developed 7 games, played 34 times.

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  • SameHexagonized game SameHexagonized Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings 'Samegame Hexagonized' is a super fun block breaking game! You will not be able to stop clicking your mouse! Game tip: On the side of the grid are gam...
  • SameCharged game SameCharged Samegame is served to you with a new electrifying twist and even more action. Enjoy your Samegame Charged!
  • Gride game Gride Select your upgrades timely and be the king of the hill.
  • Asteroid Adventure game Asteroid Adventure Blow your way through all 20 levels full of asteroids, space worms, mines, and other enemies and bosses.
  • Escape the Red Giant game Escape the Red Giant Blast your way through space and collect millions of points by exploring all some 50 tricks and performing unbelievable combos.
  • Rapid Wars game Rapid Wars Blast away endless waves of enemies and collect bonus items in this intensive arcade shooter full of action. Try to collect all ten hidden stars to un...
  • Andrew the Droid game Andrew the Droid Guide Andrew the Droid through 25 levels in three different worlds, solve puzzles and gain new amazing skills.

Tags: worm 73, grid 77, rapid 21, particles 32, asteroid 165, electricity 14, area 24, particle 12, bullet 198, droid 15