Koffii games

Koffii developed 7 games, played 248 times.

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  • Krishna Leela game Krishna Leela Rated 3/5 based on 2 user ratings Come, be a part of Janmashtami's 'Matki-Phod' ritual in Krishna Leela.. Don't think that it's gonna be really easy as only brave people can break the...
  • Peeball game Peeball Ever heard about a pee ball? No! Then you must play this one. Just jump over the obstacles and continue slurping to maintain the pee balance.
  • Laloo Ki Laadli game Laloo Ki Laadli It's Laadli's wedding day. But Laloo is handcuffed with the wedding day hassles. He needs someone to help him on the wedding day. Are you ready to hel...
  • Four Wheel Chase game Four Wheel Chase You've got a real big problem. As mate Kangaroo Jack has escaped with all your money. Do you think you can grab him with all that cash flowing out of...
  • Speedboat Extreme game Speedboat Extreme The speedboat guy has to crown the obstacles arising on his way .Help him to reach his ultimate target
  • Relyonrelics game Relyonrelics Evil Valmont has kidnapped Jade, Jackie's niece and now it's your turn to guide Jackie on streets of Chinatown and rescue her.
  • Chill Ball game Chill Ball Try the freezing 'Chill Ball'.Hit the multiple targets and see your score shoot up high in the sky.

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