blu3bird games

blu3bird developed 16 games, played 42 times.

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  • Book of Mages 2 The Dark Times game Book of Mages 2 The Dark Times ????????????! ?????,?????????,??????????,????????! ?????????,???????,???????.????????,?????????????????!
  • Keyboard Warrior Christmas Puzzle Edition game Keyboard Warrior Christmas Puzzle Edition A typing puzzle game, themed up just for Christmas.
  • Against the deaD game Against the deaD The world is no longer like we used to know … In this action shooter, Detective Wilson will battle against the dead, pushing forces of evil back...
  • Bunny Angel game Bunny Angel A spot the difference game with cute graphics, animated scenes and bunnies . Comes with hints, bonus times and scores for your own highscore system....
  • Finding Fairytales Castle Party game Finding Fairytales Castle Party A party is happening at the castle! Find all the Fairy tales characters among the kings, princes and princesses! Addictive, easy to learn, fun and ent...
  • Flowershop Keeper game Flowershop Keeper The shop is yours, mix and match flowers and sell as much as you can.
  • Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary game Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary A unique defense game play where players have to stop a mob from killing the witch with spells and magic
  • Witch Hunt 2 game Witch Hunt 2 Nooboo Mary returns. More creeps, deeper story.
  • SantaVille game SantaVille Help Santa make toys and dolls for children! In this sim game, you have 5 years to make the most number gifts and presents. Submit your score and comp...
  • Nobuzzle Tree game Nobuzzle Tree A simple puzzle game where players guess the sequences of the leaves and watch the tree blooms.
  • Chinese Vampire Year 1743 game Chinese Vampire Year 1743 STORY Play as a Taoist Priest, you have to eliminate all the Jumping Corpses! 3 category of skills: Wooden Sword: Chinese vampires are afraid of sword...
  • Hell Tour game Hell Tour On Halloween eve, you wake up realized you are in HELL! The only way to get out of here is to make your way to deepest level of hell, and reason with...
  • Ninja Turkey game Ninja Turkey Help the red ninja turkeys! Left mouse click to shoot! Use pistol, shotgun and machine gun to kill enemies! Get highest score in 60 seconds!
  • Finding Santa game Finding Santa Observe carefully and pick the odd Santa out !!
  • Monster Glider game Monster Glider Take control of a mini monster and achieve the furthest gliding distance possible.
  • Santa Hohoho game Santa Hohoho A Christmas clicker game. Click on the "good kids" and avoid clicking the "bad kids". Additional puzzle mode.

Tags: santa 450, vampire 135, egg 213, dark 232, xmas 229, book 126, witch 131, edition 72, sword 118, dead 89