blackcrocus games

blackcrocus developed 11 games, played 160,967 times.

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  • Mitosis game Mitosis3.5 Use the serums to grow up, or kill your bacterias. Use the right quantity of each breed to go next level.
  • kick-A-mime game kick-A-mime Who has never dreamt to kick a mime? Make your dream come true and kick him in the nuts to make him fly away. Earn money to buy items and kick him str...
  • Paratrooper game Paratrooper5 Destroy all the paratroopers
  • Math Attack game Math Attack Monsters are attacking and the population is in danger! Help the General to fight them by calculating their position. By the way, enhance your skill i...
  • Hexamania game Hexamania5 Addictive puzzle game. You have 30sec to break up hexagons and extend your time. You can make combo to get higher score.
  • Hexamania 2 game Hexamania 2 Hexamania is back, with new features, and more entertaining than ever!
  • US Border TD game US Border TD5 Defend your country from illegal immigration.
  • kick-A-mime 2 game kick-A-mime 2 Kick the mime as far as you can. Earn money and buy upgrades.
  • elite forces game elite forces Ennemy are coming! Aim at them and spill their blood in a magnificent particle system. Get some weapon upgrades, they are additive, that means you can...
  • Easter Troopers game Easter Troopers Chickens are invading by the air. Kill them before they kill you!
  • Easter Defence game Easter Defence Easter Island is sieged by chickens! You are the leader of the Bunny and you must defend your island. Place your bunny in strategic position, arm them...

Tags: kick 151, blood 389, paratrooper 10, hexagon 49, easter 283, mime 2, hexamania 2, troopers 3, wargame 4, subtraction 65