evalzj games

evalzj developed 6 games, played 84 times.

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  • 5 GLASS BALLS game 5 GLASS BALLS Think fast and strategic as you position these glass balls around the map and try and remove them! The glass balls arranged in the same color horizont...
  • Block Rise game Block Rise An exciting puzzles
  • Wisdom Stars game Wisdom Stars The same sort of stars move together, two or more can eliminate off, use the mouse drag stars around to the next position. Must make the same type of...
  • Robot Wars game Robot Wars Robot invasion of Earth, please help human beat back the offensive robot
  • WisdomStars game WisdomStars Az egereddel mozgasd egymás mellé az egyforma csillagokat. 2 vagy több eltávolítja egymást. A szint teljesítéséhez minden csillagot el kell távolítani...
  • Crashdown 2 game Crashdown 2

Tags: language 348, wisdom 4, robot 310, chess 73, terrorism 5, rise 9, universe 42, glass 34, bloxorz 3, square 155