egdcltd games

egdcltd developed 22 games, played 193 times.

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  • Pyramid Solitaire Chinese game Pyramid Solitaire Chinese ????????13???,???????K?
  • Picture Find 2 Landscapes game Picture Find 2 Landscapes Move the magnifying glass over the larger picture to find the segment that's in the top left. Find the segment as quickly as possible, but make sure y...
  • Wordsearch Constellations game Wordsearch Constellations Find the words hidden in the grid before time runs out. There are multiple levels, and each level has more words to find.
  • Easter Egg Match 3 game Easter Egg Match 3 Easter egg themed matching pairs game with nine levels. Match the pairs as quickly as possible.
  • Quiz Me game Quiz Me Answer trivia questions on a wide variety of topics. Get four questions wrong and it's game over.
  • Little Bo Peeps Sheep Toss game Little Bo Peeps Sheep Toss Little Bo Peep is sick and tired of her sheep going missing, so has decided to teach them a lesson by hitting them as far as possible.
  • Meteor Storm game Meteor Storm Oncoming meteors are threatening your space ship. Destroy them before they hit you.
  • Easter Egg Match game Easter Egg Match Match the pairs of Easter eggs as quickly as you can.
  • Space Match 2 game Space Match 2 Match the pairs as quickly as possible
  • Easter Egg Match 2 game Easter Egg Match 2 Match the pairs of Easter eggs as quickly as possible and in as few moves as you can. There are nine levels, starting at two pairs and finishing with...
  • Castle Match 2 1 game Castle Match 2 1 Match the pairs of cards as quickly as possible.
  • Castle Match 2 game Castle Match 2 Match the pairs as quickly as possible.
  • Mars Slider game Mars Slider Move the pieces around to assemble the picture.
  • Constellation Pairs game Constellation Pairs Match the pairs of cards before time runs out. There are nine levels to complete, with increasing numbers of pairs on each level.
  • Monster Traffic game Monster Traffic You are a monster, trapped in the city. Warn the cars away by blasting them with your flames. Each time a car hits you, you are damaged. You can only...
  • Spooky Pairs game Spooky Pairs Matching pairs game with a Halloween theme, featuring animated cards and background. Match the pairs as quickly as possible.
  • Decorate Your Christmas Tree game Decorate Your Christmas Tree Decorate your Christmas tree by dragging decorations, adding lights and tinsel and changing its colour.
  • Sphere Avoider Variant 1 game Sphere Avoider Variant 1 Simple avoiding game. Stay alive as long as possible.
  • Obama Uppy game Obama Uppy Try and keep President Obama's head from touching the floor for as long as possible.
  • Sphere Avoider Variant 2 game Sphere Avoider Variant 2 Collect the gold spheres, avoid the green ones.
  • Sphere Avoider 2 game Sphere Avoider 2 Avoid the green spheres, collect the gold ones.
  • Spooky Pairs 2 game Spooky Pairs 2 Find the pairs as quickly as possible. There are nine levels, each with increasing numbers of cards. The difficulty settings adjust the amount of time...

Tags: egg 224, easter 138, castle 293, quiz 246, avoid 360, spooky 85, city 324, chinese 183, pair 142, dodge 173