HappinessSam games

HappinessSam developed 4 games, played 11 times.

  • Planetary Pile-up game Planetary Pile-up A galactic scale puzzle game. Match the same coloured planets together to destroy them as you try to keep from getting crushed.
  • Bug Squad game Bug Squad A dumb but fun shooter. Think missile defence on acid as you battle to save your town from plague carrying pigs, birds and monsters.
  • Ripples game Ripples A tranquil, lovely game. Sit and bask in a beautiful sunset, while throwing stones at paper ships floating by.
  • Towertown Tower Defense game Towertown Tower Defense Protect your castle from the monsters attacking by building towers and using your hero to blast them to smithereens. Making good use of the auras and...

Tags: planet 205, rts 53, bug 147, bobble 11, pile 18, squad 27, sci 73, tower defense 454, ripples 2, planetary 5