Javi_Sanz games

Javi_Sanz developed 13 games, played 138 times.

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  • Sewing Hello Kitty game Sewing Hello Kitty Have fun sewing with Hello Kitty. There are three levels, each more dificult.
  • Vintage Beach game Vintage Beach The beach is the best place to take a walk. This girl has decided to spend her afternoon there. Maybe she meets a nice guy to chat with.
  • Make Up Selena game Make Up Selena Put make up on the fantastic Mexican actress, Selena Gomez, who plays Alex Russo on TV.
  • Atlantica game Atlantica Atlantica is a mysterious creature who lives at the bottom of the sea. She is half monster and half girl. Dress her and find the mystery she hides....
  • Ballerina game Ballerina You can dress up Daphne, the dancer, whatever you wish to. From a classical ballet style to an exotic belly dancer, or even a more bizarre and origina...
  • Make Up Kaulitz game Make Up Kaulitz As you can see in our game, the Kaulitz brothers are identical twins. Because they have different styles, we thought they weren't identical, but as yo...
  • Mimi game Mimi Mimi is a rebel who likes to dress in a unique way. Her mother doesn't like her clothes but she doesn't care.
  • Maui game Maui Maui is this dog's name, just like Ashley's doggy! It's tiny and likes that its owner dresses it up.
  • Colorea Zanessa game Colorea Zanessa Zac and Vanessa are the perfect couple. Now you can make a color-in picture of this couple.
  • Baby Aneu game Baby Aneu Aneu is a cute baby. Today you help her mother dress her and you have to pick out the cutest outfit for her to wear.
  • Hanami game Hanami This Japanese girl lives in Tokyo and loves to celebrate Hanami, which is a cherry blossom festival.
  • Color up HSM2 game Color up HSM2 Sharpay is the most arrogant and vain girl on HSM 3. Now you can color her and her brother.
  • Color up HSM3 game Color up HSM3 Check out this cool coloring game. All the people from HSM 3 are here. Cool!

Tags: beach 444, selena 27, dog 336, tom 55, ballerina 41, kitty 125, ashley 17, vintage 67, mimi 43, ballet 26