lonelytroll games

lonelytroll developed 7 games, played 215 times.

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  • Kibloid game Kibloid Rated 5/5 based on 3 user ratings Navigate through a sea of musical platforms while trying to outrun a gigantic planet-eater! Don't run too far, however, or you might get lost in space...
  • Bright Bertha game Bright Bertha An underwater shooter made in 48 hours for The Arbitrary Gamejam ). Collect stuff and upgrade your gear with the help of your underwater allies!
  • DeathBox game DeathBox Rated 3.7/5 based on 3 user ratings An arcade-style action / shooter where you can shoot enemies and temporarily phase out to avoid moving blocks.
  • Wall of Fingers game Wall of Fingers Outrun a wall of creepy fingers. Pick up masks to gain abilities: Green allows you to fly, Purple lets you run faster, jump higher, and wall jump. Mad...
  • You Only Need One game You Only Need One A game about being different. Made in 1.5 days for The Arbitrary Gamejam #6. The themes were: Outsider, Drawback, and Affection.
  • Secret Frozen Kitten game Secret Frozen Kitten
  • Croakbat game Croakbat Play as a young lonely croakbat as you explore a deep underground. Collect a stranger's notes while eating grubs and surviving the cavern's harsh envi...

Tags: shooter 488, pixel 363, secret 180, bertha 2, chase 72, bright 63, kitten 75, vr 4, wall 108, exploration 42