Standubonnet games

Standubonnet developed 8 games, played 23 times.

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  • Maximum Band game Maximum Band Can't sing? Can't play? Can't dance? Can YOU take a bunch of talentless losers and somehow fudge together an entertaining product out of them? Play Ma...
  • MAX game MAX The Game of Love
  • The Audition game The Audition This is Webisode 2 of the webtoon Maximum Band. You gotta make the right moves and plays as band manager to get this band to the Number One Webisode....
  • Aaaargh 1 game Aaaargh 1 Halloween Hammer Horror, scream with fear and laughter. Lightning, lightning,very very frightening, if it's trick or treats you're after.
  • Stylist 2D Stars game Stylist 2D Stars The Band need a new image, they go to see a stylist. See if you can help them get the right 'look'.
  • Band Practise game Band Practise The first band practise and there are creative and ego clashes to deal with. Be the Boss and sort them out.
  • Good Gig game Good Gig There are good gigs and there are bad gigs. This one's a good gig. No really it is.
  • Aaaargh 2 game Aaaargh 2 It's really rather spooky, but also rather kooky, and you might get some nooky On Horror hallo... Aaaagh! two. Bless you.

Tags: scary 194, horror 160, webtoon 3, boyfriend 36, comedy 30, toon 15, girlfriend 24, fame 5, aaaargh 2, frightening 3