CatFurnace games

CatFurnace developed 6 games, played 32 times.

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  • Blockade game Blockade Navigate the numbered blocks in this innovative, intriguing and original puzzle game - as simple and addicting as Sudoku!
  • EVOLVE game EVOLVE Help cheer up the sad blocks in this frustratingly simple puzzler.
  • Word Shoot game Word Shoot Blast through the sea of soaring letters in this space based action packed word game.
  • Ascendancy game Ascendancy Guide the ball to the flag using the different function blocks. Can you do it under budget? Create and share your own levels!
  • AvoidTBalls game AvoidTBalls You are a poor InkSpot on a desk top. Avoid the EVIL INK BLOBS for as long as possible.
  • 50 red game 50 red Interactive Artwork meets frantic clicking game in the all new sensory overload game by me - 50 Red! Click 50 red balls whilst avoiding the blue balls...

Tags: math 391, gravity 160, spot 104, pretty 219, movement 37, blob 60, evolve 20, interactive 33, original 53, 50 17