zijian60 games

zijian60 developed 6 games, played 168 times.

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  • Arkanoid game Arkanoid Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Smash the bricks with the ball with mind bending graphics and cool new powers!
  • Cubix Mania game Cubix Mania Cubix Mania is a 2-D combination puzzle game that is fun and challenging! Tap to rotate the cubes and solve the puzzle. For the puzzle to be solved, t...
  • Animal Dance 2 game Animal Dance 2 Do you want to have some fun and dance with the cute little animals? Animal Dance is a memory game that is fun and cute! Watch the animals jump and re...
  • Animal Dance game Animal Dance Test your memory, remember the sequence, execute them when it's your turn.
  • Pacman Returns game Pacman Returns A pacman theme puzzle game. User has to solve the puzzle for each level before times up. Using 6 different color bricks, user has to fill up the puzzl...
  • Pair them up game Pair them up Can you differentiate the faces and memorize them. Pair them up as fast as possible!

Tags: pacman 49, brick 198, cube 125, arkanoid 77, pair 142, dancing 257, face 150, paddle 60, mania 150, hit 137