spyker games

spyker developed 6 games, played 14 times.

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  • Gentle Gravity game Gentle Gravity Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Collect all coins in the world to save your wife from robbers in this radial ravity platformer game! Good luck!
  • Big little grub game Big little grub Big little grub - arcade snake game on the records. It's easy to play, fun, addictive and challenging.
  • Plastic Bricks game Plastic Bricks The variation of the classic Tetris in lego style:)
  • FLAPPY TUB3 game FLAPPY TUB3 Flappy bird parody. Tube from Mario game went crazy :)
  • Happy dead friends players pack game Happy dead friends players pack Complete the new 60 levels from players of Happy Dead Friends original. Here are still one simple rule - no free hands. Enjoy!
  • Happy Dead Friends game Happy Dead Friends Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures, for connect all hands and make creatures happy.

Tags: lego 19, brick 195, gravity 161, snake 220, tetris 222, happy 345, friend 235, 60s 14, skeleton 34, dead 94