buddybattles games

buddybattles developed 8 games, played 47 times.

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  • Speed Collapse game Speed Collapse classic collapse game with speed
  • Tower Defense game Tower Defense You need to kill all the goblins, before they kill everyone in the town!
  • Extreme Collapse game Extreme Collapse Don't let the blocks reach the top.
  • Insane Collapse game Insane Collapse Explode matching blocks before they get to the top.
  • Sky Collapse game Sky Collapse Don't let the blocks reach the top, find groups of 3 or more and click them to destroy them.
  • Match Them game Match Them match three squares by switching them out.
  • Bounce Ball Extreme game Bounce Ball Extreme Bounce the ball into the green box, all while avoiding moving red blocks. The fewer bounces you do the higher you score will be!
  • Bounce Ball game Bounce Ball Draw a line for the ball to bounce on. Your goal is to reach the green box bouncing as little as possible.

Tags: match3 332, tower defense 423, bloons 15, bejeweled 104, bounce 179, collapse 81, extreme 124, line 178, rider 62, canon 23