jorisdormans games

jorisdormans developed 6 games, played 23 times.

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  • Phat Man game Phat Man Twisted version of Pac Man in which eating all those dots isn't all good...
  • Flix game Flix Help Flix escape from these series of dungeons. Collect orange stars to open up the exit in this bouncy 2D platformer. Unlock the many secrets and set...
  • Dungeon Run game Dungeon Run Dungeon Run is a fast-paced, abstract, puzzle-adventure. Go and find all 33 minute pick-ups in this game.
  • Seasons game Seasons Seasons is a slow-paced, story-driven platform adventure game about the power of imagination and storytelling.
  • Ascent game Ascent Reach the target altitude by jumping, flying and pushing your way up through this futuristic little platformer.
  • Flix Ball game Flix Ball Play Pong with the Flix an elastic blob and the hero of the game with the same name. For one or two players.

Tags: flix 2, run 472, man 243, maze 372, season 92, dungeon 85, ascent 2