Sparckman games

Sparckman developed 11 games, played 129 times.

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  • Sparck Air Hockey game Sparck Air Hockey Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Laser Air Hockey Table, plays with a light puk on a table made of light as a light saber.
  • Perl Diver game Perl Diver Perl diver is collecting all the Perls but the evil squids will prevent him from doing it. Avoid the squid.
  • RoadTest Signs game RoadTest Signs Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Roadsigns quiz game - pick the right boxes to keep passing.
  • Tomatoes Vs Onions game Tomatoes Vs Onions Battle a hundreds of Onions as they try to over take Mr. Tomato who is armed with lasers and a deflective shield.
  • BlockSlider Puzzle game BlockSlider Puzzle BlockSlider puzzle. Solve sliding puzzles using numbers as guide. Put the numbers in the correct other.
  • Dice Tanks game Dice Tanks Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Board style cartoon tank battles, one on one or vs the computer. Highest number wins.
  • Crazy Jumping Man game Crazy Jumping Man Help Crazy Jumping Man stop all fruits from hitting the ground as they fall from the super evil rocket.
  • Blast Runner game Blast Runner Navigate the world Blast Runner, jumping and jumping over strange looking buildings. Jumping and flying monsters.
  • Squid Defender game Squid Defender Defend the blue squid from the evil hungry fish. Defend the squid using the mouse and radiant perls.
  • Cookie Bird game Cookie Bird Get pinkly bird to the other side, this is a very quick game, all you have to do is get the bird across the road
  • NerdyBirds game NerdyBirds NerdyBird picks a new bird every time it collects a heart. The nerdybords need to avoid each other or collide with the clouds

Tags: tank 271, rpg 336, fish 466, air 170, bird 453, table 70, blast 148, dice 41, sliding puzzle 434, ping 49