rooneydesign games

rooneydesign developed 12 games, played 30 times.

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  • Shut the Box game Shut the Box Roll the dice. Flip over numbers to add up to the number on the dice. If numbers 7, 8 & 9 are covered, only roll one die. If you flip over all the num...
  • Alfies North Pole Adventure game Alfies North Pole Adventure Alfie the elf needs to find Santa's hat before Christmas! On his quest he encounters a polar bear in a snow cave, a warehouse of old toys and Santa's...
  • Snowflake Factory game Snowflake Factory Create your own snowflake. Then spin, rotate, melt or explode it.
  • Christmas Zoom game Christmas Zoom Zoom in on holiday scenes from the 40s. It never ends!
  • Tic Tac Toe 3D game Tic Tac Toe 3D An original classic. Here's a new dimension to an old favorite.
  • Mr VegHead game Mr VegHead It's minutes of fun for the entire family! Dress up your favorite vegetable and then eat it, throw it, watch it dance, watch it spin or watch it rot....
  • Pick My Nose game Pick My Nose Now you can literally pick your nose! Choose a nose style. Color and accessorize it. Then make it blow, snort, sneeze, dance or explode.
  • Breakdown at SantaLand game Breakdown at SantaLand All of the attractions at SantaLand Amusement Park are broken and it’s up to you to fix them!
  • Rudolphs Special Delivery game Rudolphs Special Delivery It's the day after Christmas, but Rudolph has a special delivery for Santa.
  • Marble Match game Marble Match An original classic. Guess the secret sequence of colored marbles.
  • Advent Calendar game Advent Calendar Here's something to keep you occupied in the twenty-four days before Christmas.
  • Elf Academy Toy Grab game Elf Academy Toy Grab Your first assignment at the Elf Academy is remembering and selecting toys from the toy wall.

Tags: santa 450, tictactoe 43, box 210, elf 231, tic 44, park 153, snow 317, flying 306, north 22, reindeer 34