dtannen games

dtannen developed 6 games, played 686 times.

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  • Fireworks game Fireworks Rated 4/5 based on 12 user ratings Light up the sky with Fireworks! Sit back and watch an incredible fireworks display or take control of the show and launch the fireworks! Outstanding...
  • Vampire Hotel game Vampire Hotel Get all the girls in their hotel room and return to your coffin. Avoid all the agents who are trying to stop you.
  • Santas Quiz game Santas Quiz Are you naughty or nice? Let Santa decide! Take a quiz to determine if you should receive presents for Christmas.
  • Flying Penguins game Flying Penguins How far can you fly?
  • Kill Time In The Office game Kill Time In The Office Goof off while your boss is not looking. If he comes out, click on your computer to get back to work.
  • Obama vs Tea Party game Obama vs Tea Party Help Obama fight off the Tea Party and Palin.

Tags: santa 470, vampire 146, hotel 51, quiz 246, kill 277, flying 329, penguin 148, office 126, obama 75, boom 42